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Friday, May 17, 2019

Welcome to the Grace Wins Haven's New Website/Blog

Everyone can come to this site to keep up on all the latest news from Grace Wins Haven's daytime resource center and all the ways Grace Wins is growing in the future.

Image result for grace wins haven newport oregonOur society and culture are changing so fast that many people are being torn from the lives they were building. They suddenly find themselves, often with their families, on the street with no resources.

According to the HUD point in time count, in our United States on one night in 2018, there were 552,830 people struggling to find a safe place to sleep. I've been working in this field for sometime and in my experience I believe that number should be more than doubled. 

Here, in Lincoln County, Grace Wins Haven is working with the Newport Homeless Task Force, The Community Services Consortium, Citizens and many other organizations and individuals to help resolve our share of the plague of homelessness that is sweeping the U.S.

For a look at what Grace Wins Haven does, see the post What We Do.

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