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Saturday, June 1, 2019

What We Do

I was asked today what exactly does Grace Wins Haven do? 

Grace Wins Haven helps community members work toward goals and bettering their situations. We offer anybody in our community services and referrals, we offer an address so people may receive mail and get ID, we offer lockers to put stuff in while you are looking for work or going to an appointment. We offer computers where you can job search or look for housing, a clothing closet where you can find clothing for everyday or for work or an interview and we offer hygiene products. We offer food that can be cooked in a microwave or toaster oven during the day, a laundry facility for those who need laundry service. If funding is available we help with gas vouchers to get people to work or a job interview.We also help with getting people ID, birth certificates, Etc... We partner with other organizations to be able to offer showers on Tuesdays, with our County to provide a winter shelter five nights a week where people can sleep indoors and safe getting a hot dinner and breakfast. 

We partner with other organizations to help people get rental assistance, energy assistance, shelter assistance, to get people into treatment and to other facilities. We partner with transportation for Celebrate Recovery. 

We offer somebody to hold your hand while you go through life circumstances. Whether you are homeless or just needing a hand up because of something life's thrown at you we are about helping Build a Better Community!

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